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Farmagain Ecosystem is a revolutionary method of communication between various stakeholders in the Agri Value Chain

Farmagain Ecosystem

Farmagain Ecosystem proactively connects all the stakeholders in Agri Valuechain based on real-time signals received via platform from farms across various geographies, this unlocks immense business potential for all stakeholders


  • Buy seeds and farm inputs

  • Utilise farm equipment services

  • Sell produce

  • Seed recommendation

  • Farm input recommendation

Farm Input Suppliers

  • Sell farm inputs

  • Get input performance data

  • Input requirement prediction 

  • Target marketing

Seed Companies

  • Sell seeds

  • Get seed performance data

  • Seed requirement prediction 

  • Target marketing

Service Providers

  • Farm equipment requirements prediction

  • Rent equipments

  • Agronomy services


  • Bid and buy farm produce

  • Access harvest prediction data

  • Tag the produce

  • Access traceability of the produce


  • Buy farm produce

  • Access traceability of the produce

Government and NGOs

  • Access farm data like

    • Soil health trend

    • Yield comparison

    • Harvest levels

    • Farm inputs and seeds used

Crop Insurance Providers & Financial Institutions

  • Access farmer’s historical data for providing insurance

  • Claim validation

Online Partners

  • API for external app developers to build custom solutions leveraging data

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