GroTron Autonomous Farm

Agronomy Expertise + AI = Precision Agriculture

Reduce Water Consumption by upto 50% Fertilizer Reduction by upto 30%  Boost Yield by upto 50%


  • Senses soil moisture and temperature

  • Operates gate valves automatically and irrigates when required

  • Maintains ideal soil moisture for superior plant productivity

GroTron CropSense
GroTron WaterSense


  • Automatic operation of water pumps based on real-time soil conditions

  • Prevents motor dry run

  • Operates Genset automatically when grid power is not available


  • Manages fertigation of multiple crops in a farm

  • Supplies precise nutrition based on a crop specific fertigation plan

  • Automatic operation  of fertigation unit and tanks

  • Auto cleaning of tanks and flushing of pipelines

GroTron NutriSense
GroTron ClimateSene


  • Monitors protected cultivation environment structures for ideal temperature and humidity

  • Operates fogger automatically to maintain ideal environment

Typical Layout of a Farm Managed by GroTron

GroTron Autonomous Farm

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