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GroTron Autonomous Farm

Agronomy Expertise + AI = Precision Agriculture

Reduce Water Consumption by upto 50% Fertilizer Reduction by upto 30%  Boost Yield by upto 50%


  • Senses soil moisture and temperature

  • Operates gate valves automatically and irrigates when required

  • Maintains ideal soil moisture for superior plant productivity

GroTron CropSense
GroTron WaterSense


  • Automatic operation of water pumps based on real-time soil conditions

  • Prevents motor dry run

  • Operates Genset automatically when grid power is not available


  • Manages fertigation of multiple crops in a farm

  • Supplies precise nutrition based on a crop specific fertigation plan

  • Automatic operation  of fertigation unit and tanks

  • Auto cleaning of tanks and flushing of pipelines

GroTron NutriSense
GroTron ClimateSene


  • Monitors protected cultivation environment structures for ideal temperature and humidity

  • Operates fogger automatically to maintain ideal environment

Typical Layout of a Farm Managed by GroTron

GroTron Autonomous Farm

Smart Farms

GroTron Farm Geo Fencing
GroTron Farm Weather
GroTron Soil Health
GroTron iOS App
GroTron Protected Cultivation
Customized Fertigation Plans
GroTron Fertigation
GroTron Android App
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