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Farmagain Differentiation

Deep Agronomy Expertise and Technology Empowers Precision Agriculture

Precise Irrigation

GroTron ensures crops are precisely irrigated automatically without any human intervention and reduces water consumption by upto 50%

Autonomous Irrigation
Crop Fertigation Plan

Crop-Specific Fertigation Plans

Precise fertigation of crop by GroTron based on a schedule recommended by Agronomist and automatically adjusts fertigation based on real-time conditions of the crop


Pest and Disease Control

Our Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technology enable early detection of pest, disease or nutrition deficiency in plants and instantly connects with an Agronomist to remediate

Crop Pest Control
Pest Control
Farm Input Supply

Farm Input Supply

Reduce crop production cost by buying farm inputs directly from our trusted partners at lower prices, discover modern nutrients to improve crop productivity and effective ways to remediate pest, disease and nutrition deficiency

Input Supply

Autonomous Precision

GroTron runs irrigation and fertigation in a farm without missing a day and without manual intervention. Ensures crops receive the precise irrigation and fertigation, thereby increasing their productivity and resistance to pest and diseases.

Autonomous Farm Precision
Yield Boost

Yield Boost

With precise fertigation, irrigation and timely guidance from agronomists on nutrition and disease management, yield get a significant boost by upto 50% and in some cases by upto 200%

Yield Boost

Protected Cultivation

GroTron ensures climate in protected cultivation environment is ideal for crops, temperature and humidity in a protected structures like net house or poly house is maintained at ideal levels to ensure crop productivity and disease control.

Protected Farming
Protected Cultivation
Smart Farms

Smart Farms

Geo plotting, daily fertigation and irrigation updates, images of crops to track growth and detect diseases helps get complete visibility to farm and crop health.

Smart Farms

Track Harvest

Track target vs actual yield. Publish upcoming harvest on GroTron network and get connected with potential buyers.

Harvest Tracking
Track Harvest
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